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You guys might wonder how could someone very fluent in English like a native. But you guys might also wonder why you were so difficult in learning. So, we give you some tips how to practice ur English both in speaking and listening.

  • Listening to movie and music

Sometimes, we don’t realize if both movie and music give so many benefits for our listening skill.  For boys, playing games may also help their ability in understanding about basic English words. A famous instagramer @skinnyfabs began learning his british accent caused of his big obsession with Harry Potter. Since, he did really hard trying how to speak like a british. And he’s done. So many inspiration you can get through movie and music. Soo keep learning.

  • Memorize Vocabularies

By memorizing so many vocabularies ; verb, noun, slangword, etc can help you easily make a sentence and practice it to speak. We give suggestion : you can memorize 2 vocabularies each day, in one month it can be 60 vocabularies. Well, that sounds cool. So what are waiting for?

  • Brave to speak, brave to improve.

From your vocabularies, yu can make writing practice in your paper. After that, ask your teacher or someone who is good in English to correct your writing and grammatical mistake. Knowig where’s your point of Mistake help you to improve your language much more better every learning.


So, Good Luck !


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