Passive Voice Assignment

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In today’s world it is extremely difficult to get a decent well-paying job without a high school degree. Altough there are many things that may serve as obstacles it is vital that everyone receives this degree. What exactly can we do to help teens stay in school and achieve that diploma thay have spent so much time working toward? First and foremos, parents need to be informed of just how difficult it will soon be to go whether the student is going to be allowed to drop out or not. Having parental support can also make a huge difference  in how successful the student is. Secondly, guidance conselors should do all they can to help the student stay in school. Some students may be looked upon as a challenge, but they need to be helped just as mush as any other student. If students are forced for other reasons to have to drop out they should have a plan, whether it be to get a job or carry on with some kind of alternative education that leads to a GED. In conclusion, school should do everything they can to help their student succeed, whether it is creating extra help classes or interims to help keep students in check with how they are doing in clsses.


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