Assistant Profile


Name: Ridwan

DOB: 29 January 1996

Hobbies: Browsing, Playing Basket Ball, Watching Movies

Address: Jl. Tawes No. 5 RT/RW 02/10 Perumahan Empang Sari Blok B Kec. Rancaekek Kab. Bandung

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb J. Hi, I’m Ridwan. I’m assistant of Language Center of IKOPIN and I’m so glad to be a part of LC, like a dream come true. I usually speak sundannese

And I have so many interests they are internet, basketball, soccer, film, Persib, coffee, game, fried rice, satay, watermelon, nature.  My friends told me I’m the calm and cool guy HAHA. I was a bad and naughty kid while in the elementary school. My first ideal when I was a kid is to be an astronaut hahahah.



Name: Tsaniya Nabila Aghnia

Dob: December, 6th 1993

Hobby: cooking, singing, traveling,

Address: Buah Batu Bandung


I’m choleric-melancholic person. Cry baby. Perfectionist. Irritating with slow person so much. If I don’t like ur attitude I’ll tell you directly and you’ve to do same things to me. Try to strict on the rules. Took French language at IFI for 2years. Can’t hold money for a long time cause I feel bad when I found discounts and I didn’t buy it. A Student of master degree at France 🇫🇷 soon to be.




Name : Maharani

Dob : Jambi, april 22nd 1997

Come from : jambi

Finance management 2014

Well, I’ll let you know lil bit bout myself.

My parents gave me simple name “Maharani”, people call me maha or rani, Im talkactive and I talk what is in my mind, if I like it I will say I like it, but if I hate it I’ll say I hate it. Sometimes people didnt like this way, but yaa this is me. I dont even care what people think about me, I just trying do my best every single time. I love ice cream, books, rain, noodle, and everything make me happy.

I hate a lie, if u do this you’ll  lose my respect. Hahaha



Name : Putri Yesiyanasari Melati

Dob : Bandung, September 4th 1997

Hobby : cooking and travelling

Address : elynopatan gkpn no. 22

well, I started study at ikopin since 2015, I am from class B. I am friendly and animal lovers. thank you





Hi! I’m deti nur fajrina, but everyone call me deti

I was born in Bogor, on May 25th 1996

Now I live in a dorm at elynopatan

I love reading manga, novel, and all non-fiction books💕

I really wanna go to japan and i want to study there

I love cat and food, very much,I have 2 sisters, 1 big brother, and 1 little brother 👭👬

I like astronomy, especially about phenomenon at night🌌 I am very Excited to see a big moon and comets,I love music, it makes my day 🎶,i dont like spicy food

My friends said that iam insensitive, loving, and forgetful person (the last one is true)🙊,My favorite color is turquoise.



Name : Asty Setia Fpanny

DOB : september 15th, 1997

Hobbies : listening to the music, scroll instagram (lol)

Address : perum bumi nusa indah B.4 rt/rw : 02/13 ds. Nanjungmekar kec. Rancaekek


I really love everything ’bout doraemon n i dont care how old i am. I hate if ppl lie to me, i can forgive them but i won’t forget. Im nu greentea addict. Im so grateful for what i get, but sometimes i want more (humane).



Hi guys, my name is Ratih Nurul Oktaviani but you can call me Ratih or Atiw. I was born in Garut, on October 13th 1996.

I love reading creepypasta, watching horror movies. I love watching K-drama also and it makes me wanna go to Korea to see my oppa and ajusshi hahaha

I’m a shopaholic.I’m an only child and I really want to have a lil sister or brother, because I feel like my home is too silent 😂.And you have to know that I can’t be disturbed when I’m not in my good mood.



Name : Cayetanus Charlly A. Sermatan
Dob : 8th February 1994
Hobby : Writting A poem
Address : Jln. GKPN

“ I  just simple Person, and I am the first child in my Family. I like horror and adventure movie. My motto is just believe that you can do something wonderful”





Name: Annisa Nur Shabrina

Dob: Bandung, May 5th 1996

Hobby: Watching movies, reading books, listening to music

Address: IKOPIN housing complex block F/A65, Jatinangor.

The name’s Annisa but people call me Ica. I’m taking human resource management in IKOPIN because I like to study about human and I’m intrigued with psychology. Anyway, I used to wish that I could speak English as fluently as the characters in Harry Potter and that’s my main reason why I wanna learn English. I began teaching when I was in high school and now besides teaching as assistant of LC, I also work as a private teacher at home. I had no slightest idea of why I end up teaching but well, I love it!

I like gore movies and rock music. Okay that sounds unusual but that’s my cup of tea. Should you have the same taste like me, hit me up! Though my face may not show it but I’m friendly inside. Lol


Name : Raisa Humaira

Dob : 4 september 1997

Hobby : travelling

Address : pondok dara A01

I’m moslem and i proud to be, my real address is aceh, so i’m acehnese, i don’t like sing a song, it can be my weekness, i love spicy food and i don’t like ‘TONGKOL’ very much, Actually i dunno am i talk active person or silent person, sometime i’ll be really really silent when i meet new one, but sometime i’m changed to be talk active person, and often make noisy, when somebody speak english to me i’ll speak too much, and couldn’t stop hehehe, i learned english at my boarding school when i was at junior and senior high school, Actually i really regret when i was at ma boarding i not learn seriosly, but now i just realize that i need it, i love travelling very much, so that i always fail for saving my money, because i always take it for travelling. I , don’t like reading book, although i struggle it very much, but in the end i’m failed hehe, i love watching korean drama movie, and sometime i’ll be a part of it but it’s just dream, my big ambition that i wanna diet but it FAILED. that’s all about me



Name : Dian Ayu Hiasinta Putri Ardani

Dob : lampung, october 28 1997

Hobby : reading novel

Address : jl. Gkpn, pondok tiara

I always make a new in my life, new inspiration, new hobby, new experience and sometime new trouble. It can make my life more beautiful.



Name :An-Nahl Akmal Hakim (akmal)

DOB :June 14th 1998, Surabaya

Hobby :Design Graphic, Photgraphy and Video Editing

Address Pondok Hayatul Kutsar, Jalan GKPN – Jatinangor.





My name is Ummul Qisthi and you can call me Qisthi. I am interested in books and movies, so you can discuss many things about that with me. I was born in Bogor but now i live in Rancaekek, Bandung. I think bogor is small city which have big story especially for me. If you want to know more about me you can find me on IG and Twitter @ummulqisthi and id line ummulqisthi.





Name: Defita Esfira Emeralda
DOB: Bandung, 9 August 1996
Hobby : Travelling, Badminton, Listening a music
Addess: Jl. Kebon Bibit Utara I No. 169/58 Bandung / Wisma Elynopatan,GKPN Jatinangor





Hello my name is Anisa Nur Hidayah. I was born in Klaten, 06th Sept NinetySix.

My hobby is reading and going to the new places. I come from Gunungkidul,but since 11 i rarely stay in my home that’s why when ppl ask me about the spesific place in Gunungkidul i can’t answer.

I’m a donnut monster, i can eat dnnut 1 dosin per day, 1 lit milk per day, and my fav sundanesse food is cakwe. I like smthing made from flour and smethin’ smell good in every bakery.

My dream is I can see Justin and Coldplay cncert in my whole day and i’m not really interested with korean drama.My recent dream is i wanna be in 58 so I eat before sleep.



Name : Neta Anggraini

Dob : purwakarta, january 13 1997

Hobby : watching movie(specially w/ u)

Address : jatinangor street number 128,kost putri segar.

And tell about yourself :

Actually my full name is Neta Anggraini Putri Zaenari, but i think thats too long. My friends always call me neta. Im from Purwakarta. And i really love black colour. And I really love being single(kinda bullshit, actually im really tired of this kind of relationship)



Name: Rais Sidik
DOB: Sumedang, 15 August 1996
Hobby : Playing games,Watching movie
Addess: Jl. Pasanggrahan Raya No.40 Bandung

Big Fans of Manchester United.





Name : Shalsabilla Florina Pahlifi

Dob : Bandar Lampung, February 4th, 1997

Hobby : Playing badminton

Address : Bandar Lampung

“I really want to study abroad. I really like to eat pizza. I love to play badminton. I played badminton since i was in elementary school. So, i already played badminton for 10 years. I’m a moody person.




Name : Muhamad Firstiansyah Aditya Nugraha

Dob : Subang, September 26th 1996

Hobby : Gaming, watching motoGP, Sport

Address : Cileunyi

“Let’s be friend and tells everything about me by yourself”








Name : Alya Harizsa Maudina

Dob : Bandung, July 12th 1997

Hobby : Traveling

Address : Jl. Nagrog Kavling Paledang 1 No 8, Ujungberung, Bandung

And tell about yourself :

I was a culinary student but now I take management instead. I’m kind of a happy person that’s why I hardly ever cry. I love traveling so much, I don’t mind spending all of my savings just to travel to some places because traveling it means meeting new people, learning new culture, new language, new taste of foods, and any other amazing things. After traveling I usually share my experiences through my blog (I guess I love writing too?). My dream is being a paid traveler and a business woman. I’m addicted to USA things since I was in HS, I have many collections with USA’s flag pattern such as jacket, book, brooch, even leggings! I always wanted to go there someday and meet my friends there.



Name: Leseswi Gilang Prasastidara
Dob: Mojokerto, 27th Nov 1995
Hobby: reading,, everything that can be read, i like to read them
Address: sayang, jatinangor
About myself: i believe that everything in the world is a good opportunities if we have bravery to take them. And one more about me, (Qs. Al – An’am 162) is always being my spirit ammunition.





Name : Cici Pratiwi Rahmawati

Dob : 17th November 1996

Hobby : Listen to K-Pop music, Watching Korean drama, Singing, Dancing, and Cooking

Address : Jatinangor

 Before i came to Jatinangor, i lived in Bekasi for 5 Years. Now, i live with my mom, my grandma and my sister. I wanna be a teacher in the future. My motto is “be yourself, believe yourself, be Confident, Always do your best and never give Up” and i can’t live without EXO BAEKHYUN.



Name                    : Nabilah Adlinissa

Date Of Birth      : 17th of May, 1995

Hobby                   :Playing games (join me in Second Life!), typing, nail-polishing, and tidying up.

I might look like an extrovert one, but actually I have a problem on trusting people.

Well, I don’t really care about fashion nor make-ups. I am a nail-polish addict.  Love milk more than another beverages.  I don’t really like salty food.A food-taster (well, I love eating that much.  Give me foods, and I’ll give you my love. LOL! Kidding!  Prefer using sandals than another footwears (hard for me to use heels. A simple backpacker.  I love grey color.  I like animals




Name :  Diki Heri Firmansyah

Dob    : August 31th 1997

Interest    : Playing game, Listening Alternative Rock Music, Shooting Sport, and Badminton

Adress  : Dusun Babakan kawung Rt.04 rw.03, Desa Sindangsari, Kec.Sukasari, Kab.Sumedang

My Fact : “I am a forgetful person bu i am critical about politic, I wanna be president of Indonesia although my friend laughed me. I like trade and I have joined wirausahabaru Jabar 2016, and after graduated, I will build business. I feel disgust to chicken but i like eat chickens.”



Name                    : Bellla Fransiska

Dob                        : 27 September 1996, in Tangerang

Interests              : Reading (Novel), Listening Music (Country, Acoustic)

Adress                  : Rancaekek

About My Self   : I’m the first child in my family. I have one brother. I spent most of my chilhood in Borneo.  Now I’m fourth semester at IKOPIN. I’m  very grateful because struggle and hard work two great figure, they are my parents, I can seek the education until now. And be an older sister oblige me to could be a good figure for my brother.

Joining with Lab LC of IKOPIN is an excellent step to deepen my understanding of the english subject and also add my experience. I also enjoy doing activities that will improve my self both personally and profesionally.

Hopefully was assistant Lab LC of IKOPIN is one way to ease reach my dreams..